Best Budget Golf Rangefinder – Cheap Affordable and Value for the Money

Best Budget Golf Rangefinder will not only plan to have a better golf game for you, but it will also plan financially for you. Golf rangefinders are known to be the golfer’s best friends. These rangefinders will calculate the accurate readings for the golf players without ever worrying about how far you are standing from your selected target. Some rangefinders will also allow you to select more than one target at a time.

Let’s take it this way. Look around you; the world has so much money, but in reality, who got that money? Everyone is craving for some extra cash. Everything seems so expensive to the point that nothing is currently affordable.

So, will it not make your life easier and much better if the best cheap golf rangefinder is in your pocket? Surely do!

Best Budget Golf Rangefinders for the golfers [Best Value]

Some people say that you should never compromise price over quality. But what if I tell you that you can purchase a golf rangefinder at a lower price and still can enjoy all the required features in it? Sounds interesting, right?

If you are buying the affordable golf rangefinder, then it doesn’t mean that you will have to miss out on the best features that are available in a golf rangefinder for the money. There are tons and tons of inexpensive golf rangefinders available in the market, which are low in cost yet, will give you the best result.

We have prepared a complete list of the best budget golf rangefinders with are cheap and the best value for the money, along with the detailed description of each product. Following are our version of the best affordable golf rangefinder that will not break your bank:

Our Top 2 Picks

best overall rating
  • Multi-Coated function.
  • Multiple Scanning Modes.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Waterproof.
best overall rating
  • Slope Technology.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Scanning Modes.
  • Warranty.
Gogogo Sports
OMMO Golf Rangefinder
Tour Momentum Year-End Blowout
Halo Laser Rangefinder

1) IDEER Life – Best Value Golf Rangefinder 

best budget golf rangefinder

The IDEER Company is the first in mind when it comes to a limitation in the budget. IDEER Life, a best value Golf Rangefinder offers more than standard magnification. It offers a magnification of 6 X, which is vital for a clear and brighter view. The more clear view you have, the better you will see your selected target or object.

IDEER Life affordable Golf Rangefinder provides more than 950 yards of coverage. One of the greatest things about this device is that it allows you to get the results in not one but in two different units: yards and meters. These units make the golfer’s life less complicated since there is less calculation to do.


Multi-Coated function

Budget is our priority so we want to make sure that this device has multiple uses rather than doing only one task for the lifetime.

IDEER Life Golf Rangefinder is not only designed and created for golf games, but it can also be used for climbing up on a hill, watching birds fly, shooting at the birds, hunting, racing and for many other measurements. This device will allow your every single penny to have worth to it.

Multiple Scanning Modes

IDEER Life Golf Rangefinder allows correct measurements from all the angles around you. This golf rangefinder has a total of four scanning modes.

The first scanning mode is to measure the actual distance from you towards your selected target. This model has a JOLT technology, which will create vibration once you hit the flag.

In this mode, you can also measure various angles. In order to measure the angles and the actual distance, golfers have options to use two major units: meters and yards. Golfers can avoid complicated measurements and choose the desired unit for their comfort.

Sometimes, it gets difficult to view accurate readings or even select the target when you are playing on a hill. This hill can either be an uphill or downhill. The second scanning mode has slope functionality, which golfers can use to calculate the distance when playing either on the hills.

The third scanning mode is to measure the side view or distance such as horizontal distance or vertical distance. This mode will also help you to measure the width and the height of a particular object or your selected target.

The last and fourth scanning mode of this device has to do with the speed. It is the speed mode, which is used to appear all the data related to the speed on the display.

Distance Range

Like mentioned above, IDEER Life Golf Rangefinder offers 6 X magnification and covers over 950 yards of range. This device uses the optic lens, which provides a high quality of view to look at your selected target.

IDEER Life Golf Rangefinder doesn’t use only one lens. In fact, it uses multiple coats or layers of optics lens. These multiple layers automatically make the sunlight dimmer for you while making the transmission light higher and brighter.

This can be really useful when you are playing golf under a heavy sunny day or under a cloudy and dark afternoon.

Travel friendly

IDEER Life Golf Rangefinder is travel friendly. This specific device is so small to the point that it will only take a little space in your bag or hand carry. You also get a free carrying case for this device so you can easily protect it from any kind of damages and take it along anywhere with you when you are travelling.


You don’t have to worry about playing under rain or playing with really bad weather anymore since IDEER Life Golf Rangefinder is not only waterproof but it is also fog resistant. You can even forget it in heavy rain without any doubts.

Golfer players also get a free cleaning cloth with this device to clean the water residue or just to clean it in general.

Multi-Coated function
Multiple Scanning Modes
Travel friendly
Can damage human eyes if not used correctly while transmission of the light.


IDEER Life Golf Rangefinder is a must-have product in such an affordable price. The features of these products are amazing to the point that there can’t be missed or left out.

This best cheap golf rangefinder is legal to use in any official golf match or golf game we have paid if, for this device, we don’t want to leave it out so, you can now take this device with you to any tournament.

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2) Gogogo Sports Laser – Best Budget Golf/Hunting Rangefinder with Slope

Gogogo Sports Laser Golf

As the name shows, this product is not only limited towards a golf rangefinder but will also work as a hunting rangefinder. This is what we want, affordable price and multiuse product, which will save us tons and tons of cash.

Gogogo Sports Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder covers over 1300 yards of range while providing 6 X of the magnification. This device uses a fully multi-coated lens for a better and a greater view.

This device will give you an accurate scan with its 3 different scanning modes. Gogogo Sports Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder has laser technology in it. This laser technology will enhance and brighten up your view.


Slope technology

Gogogo Sports Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder has a slope technology installed in it for your ease. Usually, devices with slope technology are extremely expensive. However, this specific device is kept very affordable for its users.

Slope mode will polish your skills and make you an advanced player of golf real soon even though if you are just starting off with golf. Remember, slope mode is not legal to use in a tournament but you can check your rules for the game before taking this device in the game.

Pin-seeker functionality

Gogogo Sports Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder has pin-seeker functionality with a bonus JOLT feature.  This function tends to be really useful for the golf players since it will alert the players when they hit and lock the flag.

After looking into the flag, a strong vibration will be created to make the golfer’s feel confident about their victory.

Easy to use

This device is extremely easy to use when it comes to usage. Gogogo Sports Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder has an illusion of a rubber-coated effect on its body, which seems so soft when touched.

Too many buttons on the devices can cause confusion something. Also, it becomes a little tricky to use for the fresh golf players. However, Gogogo Sports Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder has only one button to turn this device on or off.

The display of this device is really simple yet effective to use. Gogogo Sports Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder has an adjustable eyepiece so you can adjust it according to your preferences.

Scanning modes

Gogogo Sports Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder offers 3 different types of scanning modes. The first mode is the scanning mode, which will calculate all the measurements that range from 5 yards to 1250 yards.

The second mode is the slope mode. This model is specifically developed for playing on any kind of the hills, or for bow hunting.  The third mode is speed mode. This mode will measure the speed of all the data that ranges from 10 to 300 km/h.


Gogogo Sports Laser Golf/Hunting provides its customers with a warranty of 12 months with free customer service. This customer service doesn’t only start after your purchase but you can also concern the experts before investing in this product.

Slope technology
Pin-seeker functionality
Scanning modes
Plastic Body.
Manual Focus instead of automatic focus.


Gogogo Sports Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder is a great product developed on Gogogo. They have arranged this product with all the required features while keeping the price extremely minimum.

This product can even be a great gift for your beloved one because of its accurate readings and many other features. The body of this device is made out of plastic but it gives almost like a rubber-coated finish so it doesn’t seem like a cheap product to hold around others. That is the main reason we added that product in our best budget golf rangefinder list.

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3) OMMO – Best Golf Rangefinder for Money

OMMO Golf Rangefinder

OMMO Golf Rangefinder is specifically designed to make a golf player professional. This device will train the golfers into an expert. OMMO Golf Rangefinder covers a range of 6 X magnification.

Usually, devices that are found in the market offer 7-degree field angle but this particular product offers 7.5-degree field angle while covering more than 700 yards when it comes to the range of this product.

OMMO Golf Rangefinder has a functionality called Diopter. This Diopter functionality is used in the magnification of this device will allow you to view clearing.


Unit conversation

With the OMMO Golf Rangefinder, golfers can easily turn back and fore between two major units when it comes to the readings. These units are yards and meters. The default unit of this device is in yards.

If you want to convert the unit into a meter, then all you have to is to press and hold the MODE button on this device. Pressing and holding this button will change your default unit into meters.

Battery life

This product does come with the battery. This battery will last you for a really long time since the lifespan of this battery is excellent. The battery of this product is set to the low power to avoid wastage.

Also, to avoid wastage, OMMO Golf Rangefinder has an automatic function installed on this device. This function will automatically turn off the device if it is not being in use after a couple of seconds.


OMMO Golf Rangefinder also offers Pin-seeker with JOLT technology. JOLT technology is also called Pulse Vibration Technology. This technology creates vibration when the flag gets locked with the hole.


OMMO Golf Rangefinder provides 24 months of warranty to its customers. Not just that, if you don’t like a product, you can return it within a month with a full cash back warranty.

Also, if your machine is not working properly and you would like it to be replaced then OMMO provides you with 3 months of replacement for free. With so many benefits, OMOO is a must-try.

Multiple Modes

OMMO Golf Rangefinder has 3 different modes. The first mode is the default mode, which will get you the accurate readings from the selected target. When the device is on, this mode is already selected for you so you don’t have to do much except to press a simple button to get your results.

The second mode of this device is the flag mode, which creates vibration for you when you hit your target. Also, the third model of this device is the slope mode, which can be used when playing on the hills.

Compact design

OMMO Golf Rangefinder has a very compact and convenient design. The device itself is really small, which easily fits in the hands. It is lightweight and perfect to carry anywhere around. Because of the rubber used on its body, OMMO Golf Rangefinder gets a good grip to hold.

Unit conversation
Multiple Modes
Not robust enough.


OMMO Golf Rangefinder is another great product to keep because of its accurate and quick readings. You will get a free carrying case with this device so you can carry it anywhere you want.

This device uses a really short period of time to measure the result and to have it displayed on the screen for the golfers.

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4) Tour Momentum Year-End Blowout – Best Affordable Golf Rangefinder

Tour Momentum Year-End Blowout Golf Rangefinder

Tour Momentum Year-End Blowout Golf Rangefinder is known for its accuracy when it comes to the readings or calculations of the actual distance. This device will give you results in no time whatever. Forget about waiting to get your readings with this quick and easy to use the product.

Tour Momentum Year-End Blowout Golf Rangefinder covers more than 700 yards when it comes to the range with 5 X of the magnification. This device has very controllable buttons, which are easy to reach on the device.

This device is imported for the USA so you know the robustness of this product is strong enough already.


Pin seeker functionality

Like mentioned above, Tour Momentum Year-End Blowout Golf Rangefinder is known for its accuracy. With the help of the pin seeker functionality, golf players can get the accurate and correct readings to the pin.

They can calculate the exact distance between themselves and the hole and make a correct judgment based on these calculations.

Water resistance

Tour Momentum Year-End Blowout Golf Rangefinder is not one 100% waterproof but it is tolerable to the water. This product will resistant water because of the premium materials used in the body of this product.

These premium materials will allow this product to stand under terrible weather conditions such as a hot summer day, raining afternoon or cold chilly nights.


Tour Momentum Year-End Blowout Golf Rangefinder gives a warranty of 2 years to its customers. Within this 2 years of a time period, customers can contact it’s customer service any time of the day or night to get help with anything.

Pin seeker functionality
Water resistance
Not 100% waterproof.


Tour Momentum Year-End Blowout Golf Rangefinder doesn’t offer as much as range others but it’s a great range when you are just starting off and don’t know much about golf. Also, 5 X magnification is considered to be a standard magnification in the market.

Tour Momentum Year-End Blowout Golf Rangefinder comes with a magnetic carry case and CR2 battery, which will last you for a good amount of time. It is an average product with durable functionalities. This product will keep you within your budget and will not put a burden on you.

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5) Halo – Cheap Laser Rangefinder 

Halo Laser Rangefinder

Halo Laser Rangefinder has a variety of its own. This device has variations when it comes to the range of this product. It covers a range starting from 450 yards to 1000 yards.

You have coverage of 450 yards, 500 yards, 600 yards, 750 yards, 1000 yards and 1500 yards. You can pick the desired yards. The price of each device varies only by a little tiny bit.

All of these devices are only different from each other based on the yards. The magnification of all of these devices is the same. Halo Laser Rangefinder provides 6 X of the magnification. This device is not only great for golf but is also considered a favourite under bow hunting’s world.



Halo Laser Rangefinder works great under bad weather conditions such as heavy rain, extremely cold weather, or a few droplets of rain. It will only resist under minor rain instead of heavy rain since this product is not waterproof at all. Make sure, you avoid water for this device.

Angle Intelligence Technology

Usually, devices give accurate distance based on the straight target. However, Halo Laser Rangefinder offers angular readings. Sometimes golfers or hunters need an angular reading to get an accurate distance. Halo Laser Rangefinder allows you to get the horizontal distance.

Scanning mode

What if you think there are two ways to lock the flag? Or what if you think there are two ways to hunt an animal down? Which way would you do for?  It will not only take time but it can cause your target to be missed by the time you select your second way if one fails.

Halo Laser Rangefinder helps you with this problem. You can select more than one target at a time to avoid confusion and wastage of time.  You can even select the other objects such as trees, bushes, grasses, etc for a clear estimation.

You don’t have to compromise on the quality of these golf rangefinders in order to get the best out of them. The following are some suggestions and guidelines for the golfers’, which will help them to buy the best yet budget-friendly golf rangefinder.

Angle Intelligence Technology
Scanning mode
Product is not robust enough.


Halo Laser Rangefinder is a decent product to add in your collection. Halo Laser Rangefinder has the ability to select multiple targets or objects at the same time, which makes it unique on its own. However, it is not robust or strong enough.

It covers a decent amount of range and provides a good magnification of 6 X. It is one of the best cheap golf rangefinders. It might be a little bit higher than your branded jeans and top. You can’t ask for anything else at this price.

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Guidelines for the golfer’s budget Golf rangefinder

When you are a beginner in a golf game, golf itself will be a challenge for you. You will need to understand every aspect of this new game you have learned recently. If you buy a golf rangefinder that is in your price limit, this will make you a pro of the game in no time.

But what are the features or characteristics to look forward to in a best budget golf rangefinder? There are so many of them, such as accuracy, durability, range, battery life, display, slope capability, speed, focus, magnification, etc.

However, there are a lot more than these features. We have covered a few of these characteristics for you. These features can benefit you in terms of everything, so you can’t be left behind. Following are some of the golfer’s guidelines for you before investing in a golf rangefinder:


Many times when the companies are manufacturing the products to sell them at a low price, they will mess around their focuses from the display of the products. This feature is essential not only for the fresh golf players but also for the advanced golf players as well.

The display of your golf rangefinder should never be complicated since golf is tricky itself, and golfers should only face one complication around them. The game itself should be enough for them! You can look for a golf rangefinder with a clear display.

A display that doesn’t appear each unnecessary information on the screen to confuse the golfers. Your screen shouldn’t be overwhelmed or crowded.

Instead, the right product will only display the relevant or asked information on the display of the golf rangefinder. The display should be simple to keep the stress level of the golfer’s low.

Ease of use:

The budget-friendly golf rangefinder you are trying to find from the market should be straightforward and easy to use for every individual out there. The ideal budget-friendly golf rangefinder would be the one with one-touch or one-button optimization.

One-touch or one-button means that golfers’ would only have to press one button to get accurate results.

Also, the overall functionality of the golf rangefinder shouldn’t be tricky to use. These golf rangefinders suppose to make your work easy rather than to create complications in your life.

Distance Coverage:

The main aim of a golf rangefinder is to find the accurate and correct distance. Also, golf rangefinder mainly looks for the target that you can’t see from naked eyes. For this reason, this feature is by far the most crucial feature that you need to look for in your next budget-friendly golf rangefinder.

Golf rangefinders with a better distance measuring technique will give you a better result while allowing you to see the unseen objects as well. This distance measuring technique will allow you to view hidden items that might be behind the trees or the bushes.

Some golf rangefinders will give you a better distance covering as compared to other golf rangefinders. You need to think of the ideal distance that you might require in every golf game you play.

Look for the high quality of the optical lenses in your golf rangefinder to see your selected target or objects better. The standard distance coverage that you can get in a golf rangefinder is 5 X magnification.

However, there are many golf rangefinders in the market, which has a magnification of 6 X and 7 X. These products will cover 500 to 600 yards of the range easily for you.


Even though you are trying to buy golf rangefinders at an affordable price, these can still be expensive. Not so costly, but yes, they are in an exchange of money. So, these golf rangefinders require real care for the storage.

These golf rangefinders can unintendedly drop from your hands, or you can forget to save it from bad raining weather. Also, you might need to travel with it to another city, town or even a country.

In this case, you need to look for a robust and reliable golf rangefinder that is strong enough to hold on its own. The golf rangefinder should be in a hard case, so it remains protected from all kinds of damages mentioned above or any other unknown damages.

 Scan Mode:

Scan Mode can become your best feature out of all the others since it is so convenient for the golfers. Scan Mode will scan your selected target and will give the total distance between you and your selected target or selected object.

There are some golf rangefinders in the market that even allows you to select multiple targets or objects at a time. Choosing multiple targets will save your time in terms of you moving towards victory quickly.

The scanning speed of your golf rangefinder should not be a lot. If you are testing a golf rangefinder that is giving you results in more than a minute, then you surely need to replace that golf rangefinder. The ideal scanning speed of a golf rangefinder should be no more than 5 seconds.

Customer reviews:

Before buying good but cheap golf rangefinders, it is vital to browse the internet and look for user reviews. Users’ reviews will teach you about the opinion and experience of the other people who have physically used the product that you are about you buy.

Try to find the users who brought the same golf rangefinder as you are investing in and relate yourself you that user. After that, ask yourself questions such as do you need to buy this specific golf rangefinder or need to go for any other one.


What is the Best Budget Golf Rangefinder?
There are many options for you when it comes to the cheap yet, best golf rangefinders. Some of them are listed in this article for your easiness. Make sure you have browsed the internet before investing in one of the golf rangefinders to avoid wastage of your money.
Are cheap golf rangefinders any good?
Yes, of course. Cheap golf rangefinders don’t mean that they wouldn’t be good enough for you. Select the desired features that you want in your golf rangefinder and look for cheap alternatives, which provide some desired functionalities as high-end products.
What should I look for when buying a golf rangefinder?
When you are buying a golf rangefinder, make sure to look for accuracy, its magnification, the coverage it offers in yards or meters, or etc. We have created a complete buyer’s guideline for you in this article.


The Best Budget Golf Rangefinders will not rip your pockets apart and will surely not break your bank. These golf rangefinders are what we call golfer’s best friend. These budget-friendly golf rangefinders are not only affordable, but they are a lot of other qualities as well.

Out of all, the most recommended device is IDEER Life Golf Rangefinder. This is not only a golf rangefinder but also can be used for hunting, viewing birds, and for other measurements.  It has four different scanning modes with amazing coverage when it comes to the range of this product.

Gogogo Sports Golf/Hunting Rangefinder is also another great product, which can also be used for hunting. It offers three scanning modes with slope functionality.

If you think you have a problem get maintaining accuracy in yards then you can get the OMMO Golf Rangefinder or IDDER Life Golf Rangefinder. These devices will give you an option to convert from yards to meters in no time. Halo Laser Golf Rangefinder has quite of a variety when it comes to the yard’s range.

All of them have specific functionalities and features. Select the one that suits your needs and wants.