Best Golf Rangefinder with Laser – Reviews & Buyer Guide

You all love golf, but what if you have the best golf rangefinder of 2020 to enhance your game’s skills since the game of golf requires tons of precision to be successful.  You need to know where the pin is and make careful calculations of how the ball will get to the hole. This process can be a little challenging for golf players, especially for the new players.

But you don’t need to worry anymore! 

These rangefinders will help you to measure distances within seconds. They are consisting of features such as GPS, slop technology, and laser technology. All of these features have made this process much easier for golf players.

Top 7 Best Golf Rangefinders Reviews 2020

Finding the best golf rangefinders can be a little challenging for golf players, especially for the new players. It will give you the advantage to win every single possible game you play before you start counting strokes.

Whether you are a professional player of golf or you are a new player who is trying to develop the skills, the best buy golf rangefinder will always bring a dramatic change in the way you play the game.

The price of the product varies from one company to another. The price ranges from approximately $100 to $600, depending on your desired features.

There are so many units in the market, so how would you know which unit can be suitable for you? We have created a complete list for you, so you don’t need to stress about it at all.

Out Top 2 Picks

best overall rating
  • Waterproof.
  • Dual Display.
  • Slope technology.
  • Pin Seeker.
best overall rating
  • Pin Seeker.
  • Tournament Legal.
  • Warranty.
  • Fast Focus System.
Golf Rangefinder
Bushnell Pro X2
Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT
TecTecTec VPRO500
Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro Slope
Nikon Coolshot 20
Bushnell Pro XE
Precision Pro Golf Nexus

1) Bushnell Pro X2 – Best Rangefinder in Golf

best golf rangefidner

The popularity of Bushnell Pro X2 was never seen by any of the optics company ever since it launches.  Bushnell Pro X2 gives the golf player a neutralized distance based on the hole.

You can turn on the USGA conforming device whenever needed. Bushnell Pro X2 Golf Laser Rangefinder has JOLT Technology with PinSeeker option, which eliminates any doubt that you might have about locking onto the flag.

It has everything you could ever want in one unit. The Pro X2 version avoids all the display issues, weather issues, etc.

It provides screen switching property. To illustrate, you can also switch between LED and LCD screen whenever you want. This property is called Bushnell’s Dual Display Technology.


 No Mounting Option 

The older version of Bushnell did have mounting ports at the base, but the new version of this product is kept mount free. This technology enables you to use the Bushnell rangefinder easily as a handheld device. This handheld device avoids any shakiness that happens with long distances.


The Pro X2 is not 100% waterproof, but it works well if you are stuck out in the rain or experienced any other lighter form of exposure. It is semi-waterproof.

 Dual Display 

If it’s cloudy out, you can use the LED display for brighter readings, and if it is sunny outside, the LCD will help you reading the output better.

 Slope technology 

This technology will help you to calculate the yardage depending on the degree of slope. You can use it on a hill going up and down.


This product has a maximum range of 450 yards, and this is all you need for a perfect game. The average match stays within this range, so it is a great unit to have for a variety of golf games.

 Pin Seeker 

It has the JOLT technology with Pin Seeker, which means that the unit will vibrate when the scope locks into a pin.  This feature is beneficial because the golf player can be satisfied.

Tournament approved.
Slope technology.
Pin seeker with JOLT technology.
Dual Display Technology.
Accurate to a ½ yard.
6 X magnification.
Rain resistant only.


Bushnell Pro X2  maintains a lot of the features such as Pin Seeker, JOLT, a good yard ranging distance, and many more. It is not entirely waterproof, but it will survive through the rain without much trouble.

It is a compact, lightweight, and can easily fit in the pocket of your golf bag. The overall weight is only 1.3 pounds, which is perfect for carrying around with you. Whether you are a beginner or a professional player, the unit is super easy to use.

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2) Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT – Golf Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT

Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT is another great unit for its sporty, yet it’s great for professional uses. Not only it looks good, but it’s also lightweight and compact with a weight of only 5.6 ounces.

It is the perfect combination of size, speed, accuracy, and JOLT.

This unit is a modified version of Bushnell Tour V3 JOLT, and it is 30% smaller than Tour V3, which makes it ideal for anyone to hold in their hands and even in your pocket.

Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT comes with its carrying case, batteries, and two years of the warranty card.

The best feature about Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT is that it allows you to toggle the slope feature on or off. If you are going for a tournament play, you can turn the slope function off and legally use this device in a game.

It also has a new Fast Focus system that allows you to adjust the focus.


 Pin Seeker with JOLT Technology 

The unique feature is the JOLT technology. This technology will give you a little vibration when it adequately locks onto the flag properly.

So, you don’t remain in doubt anymore. The locking process will ensure that you are getting an extra distance to your aimed target.

 Magnification and Range 

This device has 5 X magnification capacity which makes it easier for you to have a closer and a clear view of your targeted flagstick.

Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT ranges from 5 to 1000 yards. The device gives you a range of 400 yards towards the flag.

 Tournament Legal 

This product is legal to use during the tournament for measuring distance because you can turn the switch on or switch off its slope function as you can’t use the Slope feature for a tournament play.


It comes with two years of manufacturer warranty. This warranty covers to be free of defects for two years from the date of purchase.

In the case of a fault with this warranty, you get an option to replace, repair, or return the product. However, this warranty doesn’t cover any of the damages caused by misusage, etc.

 Fast Focus System 

Fast Focus System allows players to adjust the optic focus to ensure a clear view and accurate target.

Easy to carry.
Pin Seeker with JOLT.
1000 yard range.
5 X magnification capacity.
The focus toggle is stiff.
Switching slope function can be time consuming.
Suspect to shakiness.
Battery inserting can be challenging.


Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder is a complete unit to buy. It is 30% smaller than the Tour V3, which makes it easier to carry and hold. It provides you with features such as JOLT technology, fast focus system, etc.

It is legal to use in a tournament play. The range for this product varies from 5 to 1000 yards.  Bushnell Tour V4 is not waterproof, but it is water-resistant. The price of this product is affordable, which makes it a complete package for the buyer to enjoy.

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3) TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder – Laser Range Finder with Pin sensor

TecTecTec VPRO500

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder is a complete package at a low-cost. It cost around only $150 with all the vital features that a golfer might need to play or win the game. It also comes to a silicon container that will keep this product safe and unharmed.

TecTecTec VPRO500 is the most right device as compared to any other device by TecTecTec. Measuring the distance using this device will give you quick and correct results.

No matter if you are looking at an object that is close by or far away, this unit uses a diopter adjustment technology so the players can enjoy a clear view all the time.

It comes with the Pin sensor which allows you to accurately measure not only visible objects but also hidden or overlapped objects.



The VPRO500 rangefinder ranges up to 540 yards. This will help you find the right distance towards the flags, trees, bushes, and etc.


This product is not waterproof but it is semi waterproof. VPRO500 will not hold stronger under heavy water flow such as an ocean, but it will do the job under rain.

 Fast-Measuring Technology 

This device has fast measuring technology which means that it will not only measure your distance correctly but it will also make it measure faster. It usually takes a few seconds only to measure and have the result displayed on the screen.

 Diopter Technology 

TecTecTec VPRO500 has diopter adjustments. This functionality will give you a clear version or view from all the angels and sights. The standard measuring distance for this product is 6 X magnification.

 First Target Priority 

First Target Priority will display the total distance of any close object. This functionality can be very helpful when measuring the distance to the flag.

3 scanning modes are available .
Pin sensor.
Rain resistance.
Free batteries.
Contains few bugs.
Breakable body.


TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder comes with a range that covers 540 yards. You can turn slope function on or off depending on your requirements and wants.

It uses Class 1 laser which makes it safe for your eyes to use.  The most important feature of this product is that it comes with a free battery so you don’t have to worry about keeping a backup.

It is lightweight and easy to carry for a golfer who usually travels to play international games. For the price, it is a really good product to at least try.

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4) Precision Pro Golf NX7 – Pro Slope Golf Laser Rangefinder

Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro Slope

With the Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro Slope Golf Laser Rangefinder, you wouldn’t have to second guess the distance of the flag; you are pretty much good to go in every single round.

It comes with the slope function which can do all the calculations for you no matter if you are on a hill or on a surface flat.


 Target Acquisition Technology (TAG) 

Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro Slope Golf Laser Rangefinder contains TAG feature which scans objects. The Pulse Vibration feature will create vibration when you lock the target.


For some golf rangefinder, you might have to compromise the quality in the price you are paying. However, this unit doesn’t do that. It gives the golfers all the vital features to play the game in a reasonable price.

 Case Packing 

Packing always attracts the golfers. This product kept a lot of its focus on the packing as well so it is not boring to use or to look at. You get materials such as a hard carrying case, extra batteries, a cleaning cloth, lanyard, and etc.

Laser technology.
Pulse Vibration Feature.
Slope mode.
Water resistant.
Lifetime battery replacement warranty.
400 + yards.
Complicated to use when the slope mode is off. .


Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro comes with the slope technology which makes it user friendly for the golfer. You can turn on or off this feature every time especially when you are playing against a tournament.

The unit is easy to carry with precise technology and has 6 X magnification for a brighter and clearer view. This only covers the range for up to 400 yards but it is still a great product to have for golfers.

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5) Nikon Coolshot 20 – Golf Rangefinder (One Battery Included)

Nikon Coolshot 20

Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Rangefinder is small and light in weight. It is the smallest product from the Nikson’s series.

This product has 6X multicoated lens with a display that shows the distance of every 1 yard.

Like other products mentioned above, it comes with the First Target Priority function. This function is in most of the products since it is really effective for golf players.



Nikon Coolshot 20 only weighs 4.4 ounces which can easily be put into your pocket. This product is known as one of the smallest device on the market.

 Easy to Use 

There is a single power button to turn it on. Even if you are not a technology person, you will find this device easy to use and simple to use.

 Battery Life 

The battery life for this product is durable. It comes with a CR2 battery which is known to have a good lifetime. The battery for this product is also energy saving battery which means that it will be turned off automatically after 8 seconds if is not being in used.


This unit has a lot of a range. Usually products give a range of up to 500 yards but this product covers a range of 6 to 600 yards which makes it the most desirable product of the market.

 8-Second Continuous Scanning 

Once you select your target, you will just turn the device on and you are good to go. This device will give you the calculated answer within 8 seconds; making is great for the objects that are smaller in size.

 Multiple Shot 

Unit has a couple of shots in it which includes Tee Shot and Second Shot. Tee shot gives you an exact reading even with the dogleg corner. Whereas, Second shot gives you a correct reading with a hazard.

First Target Priority Mode.
Continuous Measurement for 8 seconds.
Diopter Function.
During wind, it might be hard for this product to measure the flag that is located over 200 yards.
Switching slope function can be time consuming.
No slope mode.


A compact device easy to carry, easy to use and is with one of the most accurate readings. Its multiple shots and 8 seconds continuous mode makes it unique from other products.

It is a small package with a bigger outcome. Overall, if you are not looking for a rangefinder that does not consist of the slope then it is a great product to invent.

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6) Bushnell Pro XE – Golf Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Pro XE

Almost all units will give you the most correct reading. Rangefinders are specifically designed for this purpose. Just like other devices, Bushnell Pro XE will give you 100% accurate readings. However, it will also give you much more than.

Bushnell Pro XE is temperature resistance which means that this device will be able to hold extreme heat or extreme cold weather. It holds up to 90 F of temperature.

Mostly devices give you will a magnification of 6 X. None of the rangefinders mentioned in this article will give you a magnification of 7 X but Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser Rangefinder will do that.



You have talked about this feature in this article but for this device it’s different. We know that the vibration will happen with this feature when you have locked onto the flag.

However, in this device, along with the vibration, a red ring will also flash. If for any reason, if miss the vibration, you can still feel confident that you hit the flag based on the flashing red ring.

 BITE Magnetic Mount 

If you have too many items to take care of or to hold on to then it’s not a problem anymore. You can now stick your Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser Rangefinder to your cart bar since this device comes with the magnetic.


Most of the devices mentioned above are not 100% waterproof, but they are water resistance. However, this device is fully and completely waterproof. If your device fell in water for any reason then you shouldn’t be worried anymore because of its waterproof property.

 Slope Switch Mode 

It has Slope Switch Mode which is used to toggle on or off the slope mode. If you are playing in a tournament, you can easily turn it off and be a legal part of the game.

7 X Magnification.
Bluetooth Feature is Available.
Magnetic Feature.
Fully Waterproof.
Reliable Rubber Body.
Slope Switch Option.
Minor focus issues


This is a great unit to have if you are looking for properties such as fully waterproof, temperature control, magnetic feature, slope switch mode, and etc. in your device.

This will give you the most magnification out of all devices but it is expensive when it comes to the cost. Price should never be taken over the quality. If you can afford the price then this product is totally recommended.

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7) Precision Pro Golf Nexus – Golf Laser Rangefinder

Precision Pro Golf Nexus

Pro Golf Nexus Golf Laser Rangefinder is a tournament legal product which means that you can legally use this product in the matches since it doesn’t have the slope mode.

It is perfect for golf players who are looking forward to improving their game. If you face a lot of obstacles in the form of the background objects while playing golf then this product is for you because of its new scanning mode.

Precision Pro Golf Nexus Golf Laser Rangefinder is simple and easy to use for a beginner. The body is attractive and easy to grip. It covers only 400 yards of distance and provides 6 X magnification. The range for the yard is not desirable but the magnification is better than other products.


 Dynamic Scanning Target Lock Mode (D.S.T) 

Precision Pro Golf Nexus Golf Laser Rangefinder offers two ways of shooting towards the flag.

Either you can use the regular way to shoot to your targeted object or you can use the D.S.T mode which allows you to scan you selected targeted object from 2 to 3 times before locking into the flag. This will double-check the flag for you so you don’t miss your selected target.

Precision Pro Golf Nexus Golf Laser Rangefinder has feature that avoids any background object so you readings can be as accurate as possible.  It will filter any background objects so your reading will not mix with what is hiding behind the flag.

400 yards of range.
6 X magnification.
1 year of warranty.
Basic and Limited functionality.


The Precision Pro Golf NEXUS Golf Rangefinder has a very basic and limited functionality. The only best feature about this product is its DST mode. Besides that, everything is basic which might be enjoyable for beginner only.

The Precision Pro Golf NEXUS Golf Rangefinder uses good packing when it comes to the appearance of the product. It comes with a case to carry, an extra battery, lanyard, and cleaning cloth. There is only 1 year of warranty for this product because other products mentioned above offer more warranty than this.

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Essential Features to look for in a Golf Rangefinder

There are tons of golf rangefinders in the market for you to choose from, so how do you know which is best golf rangefinder to buy for yourself or which features to look for in a golf rangefinder?

Here are a few features which might help you to fulfill your needs and wants of a top-rated golf rangefinder.


One of the most critical requirements for the best golf rangefinder to buy is that it must be on the spot accurate. Your golf rangefinder should be able to identify the pin accuracy without even any minor errors so you can hit the selected target, and win the game.

For instance, we want an accurate golf rangefinder, so it doesn’t pick the flagstick instead of the flag that is hiding behind the tree.


Our golf rangefinder should be durable, which means that the average golf player should be able to use the golf rangefinder more than 40 to 50 times per round.

Besides that, we want a golf rangefinder which is built robustly and will be reliable so you can feel protected from many problems such as bad weather. A lot of things will happen to the golf rangefinder, which includes putting it into the case, taking it out of the case, tossing it around, dropping it, mishandling it, not taking care of it properly, the rain will fall on it, and many more.  So, it must be strong enough to handle all of the scenarios above and many other unmentioned ones.

One of the most vital features to look for when buying the best rangefinder for golf is that it should be waterproof. You never know when you will have to play on a rainy day, so it is beneficial to invest in a waterproof model to protect your golf rangefinder from the environment.


Many companies create golf rangefinder with different features and characteristics. So, how will you know which golf rangefinder is the best for you? Can you pick the one with the lower-priced?

The range of the golf rangefinder is totally dependent on its features and the fame of the brand that created that golf rangefinder. You can find a golf rangefinder in between the price tag of $100, which goes all the way up to $600.

Any golf rangefinder in between this price will last you for many years. You need to find a golf rangefinder with suits your pocket the best.


Many golf rangefinders claim that they can accurately identify the target at hundreds and hundreds of yards. However, you don’t need to buy the golf rangefinders at this price if you don’t have to purchase.

The desired range of a golf rangefinder is dependent on your game. If you are playing a long game, it is not essential to get an expensive golf rangefinder that covers hundreds and hundreds of yards.

For an ordinary game, you can also buy a golf rangefinder that only includes around 200 to 300 yards.

Battery Life

It sucks when you are out, in a mood to play golf using the golf rangefinder, and the weather is so beautiful outside, but you see the display of your golf rangefinder is going dimmer and dimmer.

You just realized that you forgot to bring a backup battery as well. So, you need to find a golf rangefinder with better battery life to avoid the scenario described above.

We need to look for a best rated golf rangefinder with the CR2 batteries. CR2 batteries will last you for the entire golf season, so you don’t have to worry about charging or an extra backup.


The display is also known as optics. A better optics will help you see better when your eyes go through the lens of the rangefinder. The better the display, the more crystal clear view you will be able to see.

When buying a golf rangefinder, you need to keep in mind that there shouldn’t be any blurring at all. The view should be as bright as the sky, which will make it easy for your golf rangefinder to pick out the proper target.

The optics should be able to give you a clear view even when you are playing in the haze of dusk or under the bright glare of high noon sun.

The ideal magnification in the best golf rangefinder is at least 5 X. Anything less than this range would not be suitable for golf players and might cause a blurry view.

Slope Measurement Capabilities

This feature depends on your requirements. If you are playing golf on a rolling hill, then it would be beneficial to invest in a golf rangefinder with the slop measurement capabilities.

Although, you need to keep in your mind that this feature is not created by all the brands out there and can get expensive due to the lack of competition in the market.

On the other hand, if you are always playing on a flat surface, then there is no need to have this feature available in your golf rangefinder.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the key characteristics I should look for when buying a rangefinder?
The key features for your ideal golf rangefinder depend on your requirements. The primary functions for a golf rangefinder are a better display, a perfect price, better durability, and more reliable battery timing.

However, other features will matter as well, such as if you are playing on the hill, then you might need a golf rangefinder with the slope measuring calculation.

Are rangefinders allowed by the rules of golf?
Yes, usually the golf rangefinder is allowed by the rules of golf. However, if you are playing golf in a professional tournament or playing to be qualified for the US Open, then it may or may not be allowed.

You might be allowed to use a golf rangefinder in your professional game tournament, but you might not be able to use a golf rangefinder with the slope calculation technology. You will have to check your rule sheet for a better answer.

If it is not allowed in your game, then you can practice using the golf rangefinder and get a perspective regarding all the angles and slopes when practicing.


Golf players are always looking for new elements to make their game fun to play. These elements may include new gloves, new clubs, or new playing criteria. The best golf rangefinders of 2020 can act as an overwhelming factor for these golfers.

Calculating the distance and accuracy plays a significant role for golfers since these two elements are harder to judge with the naked eyes. You can use golf rangefinders to measure the exact distance you need to hit the ball.

We have discussed the top 6 golf rangefinder products which you might be interested in buying. Make sure you check the key features before buying an actual golf rangefinder. These golf rangefinders products vary from each other based on price, performance, and features.

You might need to ask yourself a few questions before buying or inventing into a golf rangefinder such as:

  • What is the price point you are looking for in a golf rangefinder?
  • For how long are you planning to use it?
  • Do you want to play on a flat surface or a hill?
  • Will you be using it in tournaments?
  • Do you want to compromise the quality over the price?

Answering these questions will help you narrow down the list mentioned above. Please note that any of these golf rangefinders products does not sponsor us.