Best Golf Rangefinders with Slope 2020 – Reviews & Buyer Guide

You have heard and talked about the golf rangefinders quite a lot, but what about the best golf rangefinder with slope 2020? They are pretty much in demand nowadays. We know of golf rangefinders, which provide us with accuracy when it comes to the outcome or readings. Golf rangefinders now have a new trending feature, which is well-known as “Slope.”

But why the best value golf rangefinder with slope?

The golf slope rangefinders function will help you know the accurate readings such as the readings for the yardage required from you to the hole. It will be 100% accurate in reading.

Many golfers like to play golf in hilly places. This hill can be either an uphill or a downhill. The slope can be useful in these cases when playing on a hill. Also, if you are using golf rangefinders with the slope for practice, then this feature becomes valuable and handy.

The top 6 Golf Rangefinders with Slope Reviews

Slope functions will enhance your skills. The market has so many alternatives for golfers to pick from a right golf rangefinder, specifically, that contains slope functions. There are so many of them that the player might feel overwhelmed.

These devices range from many features to a variety of price range points. Then, how to find the one that perfectly meets your needs and requirements?

We have reviewed a complete description, pros, cons, and verdict of the top 6 golf rangefinders with the slope for you. Don’t fret. We are here to help.

Raythor Golf Rangefinder with Slope
6X Laser Range Finder 1500 Yards with Slope
TecTecTec ULT-X
Anyork Golf Rangefinder 6X with Slope
Callaway Tour S

1) AOFAR GX-2S – Golf Rangefinder with Slope

best golf rangefinder with slope

AOFAR GX-2S is 100% legal to use in an official game since it comes with a slope enabled and disabled function. This practical device will cover only 600 yards for you.

The great pin-seeker with JOLT functionality will create vibration when the flag gets the lock. AOFAR GX-2S golf Rangefinder with Slope also contains this functionality, which is always a plus point.


 Laser Technology  

AOFAR GX-2S is a laser device. A laser device provides surety to the golf players about the game since it helps you with the exact predictions about the distance of the flag.


This unit is not only waterproof but is also dustproof. Now, you don’t have to worry about leaving it out in a dusting place.


The magnification of this device is 6 X. 6 X will let you see clearly and brighter everything you will look from this device.


AOFAR GX-2S will automatically get turned off after 8 seconds if not being used. This feature will save you a longer running battery life span.


This device has a warranty for two years. However, this warranty will not cover any physical damages caused by humans.


A packing of device is excellent, which is also convenient for gifting someone, especially someone who loves playing golf.

2 Years Warranty.
6 X magnification.
No advance technology.


AOFAR GX-2S golf Rangefinder with Slope comes with two versions: Normal version and Upgraded version. The price for both of these versions is only different by a few dollars. The upgraded version is more advance with AL technology.

AOFAR GX-2S has an excellent design to view. You can purchase this product easily from Amazon at an economical cost. It is a simplistic, essential, and handy product to have for a golf player.

2) Raythor Golf Rangefinder

Raythor slope Golf Rangefinder

Raythor also has a slope on and off feature, which makes it easier to play in an official match. This device will give you a magnification of 6X with coverage of 1000 yards. This range is a lot.

Raythor device also comes with the pin seeker technology so the golf player will feel confident within himself or herself.


 Scan Function 

Raythor Golf Rangefinder comes with a continuous scan function. With the help of this function, players can select not one but two objects as the target(s). Choosing two targets at once will save you a lot of time and effort.


Raythor Golf Rangefinder offers 30 days of money back grantee on Amazon.

 Rechargeable Battery  

The battery for this device is rechargeable with the help of a USB as well.

 Target View  

You will have the ability to view your target from different angles using the Raythor Golf Rangefinder.

 Acquisition System 

It offers the “Nearest Target Acquisition System.” With the help of this feature, you will be able to hit your target during wind, uneven surface, or even shaking and unstable hands.


The 6X magnification feature also contains the “Diopter Adjustment” function. This function will allow players to have a clear view even during unsuitable and unexpected weather conditions.

Rechargeable Battery.
Scan Function.
30 days of money back grantee .
Limited time warranty period.


It is with straightforward and manageable features to be understood by even a fresh player. It comes with an extra mini USB cable that can be useful to charge your battery.

This feature is exceptional when you play golf in different areas. Because of traveling, you might not be able to charge its battery, so this feature comes convenient in cases like these.

3) Profey Golf Laser Rangefinder with Slope

Profey Golf Rangefinder

Profey Golf Laser Rangefinder has a magnification of 6X and with again a slope function to be on or to be off. Because of this function, you can easily use this device during a tournament.

This device also allows you to view your target from various angles to get better readings.  It is a laser device which covers 1500 yards of coverage for the golfers.


 Scanning Modes 

Profey Rangefinder offers two scanning modes, which include: General Mode and Golf Slope Mode. With the help of these two modes, you can get an accurate reading by either measuring the distance or by viewing your target from different angles.

 Slope one or off function 

It is legal to use during a tournament. Slope feature is great to play for practice but it needs to be turned off for a legal match. This device gives you a ability to turn on or turn off the slope mode anything so you are not caught breaking the rules of any official golf game.

 Pin Seeker Technology  

Just like other devices, this device also has pin seeker technology with JOLT function. This will create vibration once you are locked with your target. Pin seeker function provides confident to the players that they have made a score.


It is not only waterproof and dustproof, but it is also fog proof. Now, you don’t have to worry about leaving your back bag in the heavy rain or leaving it out in an open dusting place. Even if the weather is not great, it will not clog your view anymore.

 Good Focus System 

Profey Golf Laser Rangefinder with Slope provides a faster focus system in order to provide the burr effect for the golf players. Its sharper with a magnifications of 6X.

 Good Focus System 

Device provides a faster focus system in order to provide the burr effect for the golf players. Its sharper with a magnifications of 6X.


Profey is lightweight and easy to carry a device. It is travel friendly which only takes a small amount of space in your back bag. Carrying it to different places is not a problem anymore!

1500 yard range.
Light Weight.
Scan Function.
Pin Seeker Technology .
It is an expensive device to invest in.


Profey slope Golf Laser Rangefinder covers not 500, not 1000, but a range of 1500 yardage. Wow, this is way more than what we have included in the article so far. Who doesn’t want a useful device with a vast range? I think we all do want it, right.

It is expensive as compared to what we have discussed in this article so far.

4) TecTecTec ULT-X Golf Rangefinder

TecTecTec ULT-X slope rangefinder

TecTecTec ULT-X covers a range of thousand yards with an on or off-slope function in it. It is easy to use and loved by the golf players.

TecTecTec ULT-X Golf Rangefinder will provide you with the exact and accurate readings and available at a reasonable price. TecTecTec ULT-X Golf Rangefinder offers pin seeker with JOLT technology.


 Accuracy with the help of ULT-X technology 

It is accurate when it comes to the readings. It covers 1000 yards, but the most exciting feature about TecTecTec ULT-X is that it displays the readings in the 10th decimal.

Using the “ULT-X” technology, the user gets this 10th decimal on the screen so you are as close to the real result as you possibly can.

TecTecTec ULT-X Golf Rangefinder has a feature called “Target Priority.” With this feature, you can pick any target that is closer to you and get readings regarding that target.

 Pin sensor 

With the help of this pin sensor, golfers can view what is hidden behind the trees, bushes, wooden, etc. Make sure your target is in focus before you ask for calculation. Once you hit the target, a vibration will be created for you to know that you have successfully hit the target.

 Slope on or off warning light 

Many devices come with the slope on and off the technology, but this device has a slope mode button on top of the device. When you press the button, to turn the slope mode on, you need to look for a yellow light on the device.

This light indicates that the slope mode is currently on. This feature plays an essential role while playing for a tournament since yellow light will remind you to keep the slope mode off from the match.

 Scan Mode 

This feature helps you to get a perfect scan each time no matter how far you are from the selected target.

1500 yard range.
Light Weight.
Scan Function.
Pin Seeker Technology .


TecTecTec ULT-X Golf Rangefinder comes with a magnification of 6X. The optics and the lens are clear, which gives it appearances of more than 6X of magnification.

This device is a helpful one to have if the price is not an issue. However, I think it is one of the best devices to buy which available in market.

5) Anyork Golf Rnagefinder of Luck – Hole in One

Anyork Golf Rangefinder 6X with Slope

Anyork GOLF RANGEFINDER OF LUCK – Hole in One is a great product to keep for the golf players who love playing golf. It covers a range of 1500 yards with, of course, the slope mode ability to be turned on and off, and with pin seeker with JOLT technology.

This product has a magnification of 6X with a 7-degree field angle. This filed angle will let you view your target from 7 different aspects. You are not going to miss your target anymore.


 Pin seeker technology 

The device comes with a pin seeker technology just like other slope devices mentioned and discussed above. This pin seeker technology also comes with a JOLT function that allows your device to create a vibration after locking with the selected target.

 Fast and Quick Focus Technology 

We don’t want our view to get burly or out of focus. Anyork GOLF RANGEFINDER OF LUCK – Hole in One has a fast focus function that will focus your target within 2 seconds only. It uses the Diopter function for the clarity in the view.

 Great battery life 

Anyork GOLF RANGEFINDER OF LUCK – Hole in One covers with an excellent battery life. To save the battery from unwanted uses, this device will automatically turn off after 3 seconds. Now, this is even faster than AOFAR GX-2S golf Rangefinder.

 Scan modes 

You have the ability of 2 different scanning modes in Anyork GOLF RANGEFINDER OF LUCK – Hole in One. The 2 modes includes: the general mode and the golf slope mode. General mode with give you correct readings. Golf Slope Mode will let you view your target from different angles so you don’t miss hitting into your selected target.

Now, even if there is a huge tree or a big bush that is covering your target then no need to worry, you can select a different angle and view from there in order to calculate the correct readings.

 Slope disabled / Enabled features 

Just like other slope devices, Anyork also has an extra button for turning the slope on or off anything. This feature is useful when playing an official game.

Pin Seeker Technology.
Fast Focus.
Great Battery Life.
Scan Modes .


Some people get it confused by disabling its slope mode off. To make sure that the slope mode is correctly disabled in device, you need to look for a yellow warning under the slope mode. If the yellow light doesn’t appear, then it means the slope mode is still on, and you might get disqualified from the tournament.

Other than that, it is the right product, primarily because of its battery timing and automatically battery off after 3 seconds.

6) Callaway Tour S Laser Rangefinder

Callaway Tour S

All of the products we have discussed so far only give a magnification of 5 – 6 X. However, Callaway Tour S Laser Rangefinder provides a magnification of 7 X. 7 X magnifications makes its optics lens clear with a faster focus.

The range of coverage it covers is only 400 yards. You will have an option to disable or enable the slope just like other devices mentioned above.


 Pin Acquisition Technology 

Callaway Tour S uses Pin Acquisition Technology, which provides a better processing speed as compared to other products out in the market. It’s fast, its quick, and its prefect to use.

 Slope Enabled / Disabled Technology 

It also offers slope function to be on or off anytime of your choice. Please make sure that this feature is of when you are going to play the tournament since it might not be allowed to use in that game. Besides, you can leave it enabled when playing for practice to sharpen up your skills.

 Laser Mode 

Many devices are offering only scan modes. Only a few devices offers scanning mode with laser technology. With the help of this specific feature, you can select more than one target at a time and get calculations for those targets. This feature will save a lot of your time since you are not aiming for one target anymore, you can select as many targets as you like or required.

 OLEC Display 

The primary feature of this device is that it uses the OLEC (Organic LCD) display instead of a standard LCD. OLEC produces its own light, so it is more effective, and it will last longer as compared to LCD. This feature is expensive to have but based on its last lasting life, it’s worth it.

Pin Seeker Technology.
OLEC Display.
Slope Enabled / Disabled Technology.
Laser Mode.
Low Battery Timing.


Very few products give a magnification of 7 X, and Callaway Tour S Laser Rangefinder is one of them. It is a great product to have, primarily because of its OLEC feature. It is unique. It’s different. But the price of this product is quite a lot which you might need to consider before buying or investing into one.

The buyer’s guidelines for Golf Rangefinders with Slope

Looking for other features in a top or best golf rangefinders with slope can be tricky for the beginners. And even sometimes for the advanced players too.

You will buy a golf rangefinder with slope easily from the market but miss out on the other features that might be vital in a golf rangefinder for you. These additional features can give you benefit in terms of everything from the display, to the condition, to the speed, to the physical appearance, and many more.

Everyone says that a golf rangefinder should be accurate with a good and easy to use display, a better range, a reasonable price point, etc. But, there are many more guidelines than this. Following are some buyer’s guidelines for you to follow or at least browse around before investing in a golf rangefinder with slope:


The waterproof feature is a tiny bit of contravention when it comes to the golf rangefinder specifically for slope. Some people argue that we are never going to play golf underwater, or particularly hills are never underwater, so why should we pay some extra dollars and purchase the golf rangefinders with slope?

This fact is genuine for sure that the hills are never underwater. Also, you neither will swim with your rangefinders nor will you ever throw your bag, which has your golf rangefinder in it.

However, you need to consider in your mind that waterproof functionality is doesn’t limit or stops till oceans or seas.

What if it’s raining outside while you were playing? What if you get stuck in heavy loaded rain with your favorite slope golf rangefinder? Or, what if you are under some other significant weather conditions? Will, it not break your heart to see your golf rangefinder getting ruined right in front of you?

I am sure it will! So, why not get a waterproof golf rangefinder with a slope so you will never have to worry about this type of disaster.

Feel safe, and feel confident is what they used to say!

Speed for readings

It is not always correct that with enabled slope functionality will make your device slower to operate. However, in some devices, this slope functionality affects the speed.

So, you want to buy a device with a faster speed of locking the flag with the target. Avoid purchasing a golf rangefinder that is from a lower or a cheaper company to avoid the slower processing speed.

The expected speed for the golf rangefinders with the slope feature is not more than 9 seconds. Anything later than this amount of time will prove controlled and decreased speed since you want something quick and speedy.

Plus, you know, waiting for the readings is not tolerable for golf players. It makes them curious, so we don’t want that.

Focus Functionality

When working with a slope function, the fast focus must be in the mind of the user. When you are playing on an uphill or downhill, the view from the human eyes becomes lower and more difficult.

The hill works as an obstacle for human eyes since the hill is usually preventing or blocking the targeted hole. You are not able to view what is behind the trees, bushes, and other objects.

For this reason, you must buy a slope golf rangefinder with a clear and fast focus system.

Since the view is always blocked, you don’t want any delay or hark back at all. The bright and fast focus system will provide golf players with immediate reading. This focus function will avoid your wastage of time and delays in the game.

Wind speed

The weather matters a lot when you are buying a golf rangefinder with slope or without slope. In both cases, you need to look for a device that is wind or specifically weatherproofed.

The faster the wind would be, the higher chances it would be for you to get incorrect readings. Wind will majorly affect these devices, so it is crucial to keep in mind before buying.


Magnification is when you can adjust the enlargements of your device. It is one of another important thing to keep in mind. The ideal magnification for a golf rangefinder with slope function is at least 5 X.

The better your device’s magnification will be, the clear it would be for you to score higher and hit towards victory. Lacking in magnification will not be great since it will burr out your view and will lead towards a significant loss in the game.

Common FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) you might consider

Is slope on a rangefinder worth it?
Slope with a golf rangefinder is never a bad idea, to be honest. It will help to enhance and sharpen up your golf skills, making you a better player at the end of the day.  Also, this feature plays a vital role when playing on an uphill or downhill. You will be able to get accurate measurements from this feature.
What is a rangefinder with slope?
Golf rangefinder with slope is a trending product nowadays. If you are a fresh or a new golf player and you would like to become a professional, then you must use this feature. It will give you the correct distance to your target. This feature can easily be turned on or off in many devices mentioned in this article.
How does the slope affect distance?
The slope feature will take the measurements between you and the selected target, evaluate the distance, and display on the screen of the golf rangefinder for you. With the help of the slope feature, golf players can guarantee the results since the readings are more accurate and correct.
Should I buy a rangefinder with slope calculation?
If you enjoy playing on a flat surface or if you only play on the flat surface, then there is no need to buy a golf rangefinder with the slop technology.  However, slope technology also gives you actual yardage, so that might be helpful for you.

Wrapping it all up!

The best golf rangefinders with slope are hot in the market currently. The slope is not an essential feature to have in your golf rangefinder, but it is fun and knowledgeable about using during practice rounds of your game.

There will give you better judgmental skills of golf, so when you are playing without slope function, you can act as a professional. You have from a wide variety of devices in the market to choose the one that suits your requirements and needs.

For instance, Callaway Tour S Laser Rangefinder is a great product to keep in your collection if you don’t have finical issues. Anyork GOLF RANGEFINDER OF LUCK – Hole in One is impressive because of its excellent battery and automatically turned off feature after only 3 seconds.

Select the one that attracts you the most while keeping its price in mind since slope resistance can be expensive.

Do remember, please don’t forget to turn off your slope feature when playing it in a legal game.