Best Hunting Rangefinder To Buy – Reviews & Buyer Guide

What is the Best Hunting Rangefinder? Are you fond of killing wild animals or hunting these wild animals or even birds down? Hunting is more of a talent or a skill you call it rather than a hobby. You need to be really precise in your work otherwise you might be going home without a hunt.

This is shameful. Trust me!

Using the top Hunting Rangefinders, hunters can enjoy not only a dinner meal but an effortless hunt. With the help of the Best Hunting Rangefinders, you are able to make your hunting experience superior, and way better.

You will undoubtedly be a step ahead of other hunters using these rangefinders. Simply, look for a target, get the distance, and hit the shot. It’s this easy. Some rangefinders will also allow you to select more than one target at a time. Wow, now we are moving forward!

The Best Hunting Rangefinder

Top 2
best overall rating
  • Water resistant.
  • Angle compensation.
  • Continuous scan.
  • Easy to use.
best overall rating
  • Warranty.
  • Eye piece.
  • Scan function.
  • Angle intelligence.

With the help of the Hunting Rangefinders, your hunting life will become much easier. There are a lot of rangefinders for hunting in the market, but how would you know which one to reach for? Or, which company has better properties or characteristics than others?

Take no stress here! We have an in-depth review of the best rangefinders for hunting. These products will discuss the main features, cons, and much more with you.

TecTecTec ProWild S
Halo XL600-8

1) TecTecTec ProWild S with Angle Compensation – Laser Rangefinder for Hunting

best hunting rangefinder

TecTecTec ProWild S Laser Rangefinder for Hunting is not only a great hunting rangefinder but it is also an extremely reliable hunting rangefinder. This device covers 500 yards of a range with 6 X of magnification with a bright and clear lens.

TecTecTec ProWild S Laser Rangefinder for Hunting has a sleek look to it, which attracts the hunters quite a lot. The body is made out of robust rubber, so it will last you for a long time. You will also get a free carry case with this device. The most interesting part of this carry case is that it is shock-resistant.


 Dual Units: 

TecTecTec ProWild S Laser Rangefinder for Hunting avoids you from complicated calculations and for this purpose, they have introduced a dual unit for the hunters. Hunters can get the readings or distance in two different units now.

These units include yards and meters. TecTecTec was the first company that introduced this feature as compared to the whole market.


TecTecTec ProWild S Laser Rangefinder for Hunting is not completely waterproof but it has a great tolerance to the water. It is semi-waterproof, which makes it water-resistant.

For hunting, being able to tolerate water is a vital step since hunters might have to hunt under a rainy day or might trip over water in a jungle.

 Angle Compensation: 

One of the main features of TecTecTec ProWild S Laser Rangefinder for Hunting is Angle Compensation. With this feature, you can estimate the distance between you and your target.

You can not only measure the distance, but you can also measure the different angles and pick the best one.
This device has the True Ballistic distance functionality in it, which will help you get a correct shot to your selected target.

 Continuous Scan: 

Are you not a hunting professional? Even if you are but do you still miss your targets? TecTecTec ProWild S Laser Rangefinder for Hunting has introduced a continuous scan mode to resolve this problem.

This scanning mode will continuously scan for the readings, which will allow you to never miss your target again. This mode will create confidence within the hunters about their selected target.

 Multiple uses: 

Do you have other hobbies besides hunting? Do you like to play golf? Then, here is good news for you. Besides the fact that this specific product is for hunting, this device can also be used in various other fields.

You can buy this quality product and enjoy its use in various other places. These fields include, bow hunting, golfing, etc. It doesn’t matter if it’s hunting or golfing, you will get your money worth it with this device.

 Scanning mode: 

Besides continuous scanning, this device offers two other scanning modes. The first mode is the normal mode, which is used to calculate the distance and to get the correct outcome from the readings.

The second mode is speed mode. This mode will get all the data related to the speed for you and will display on your screen.
These modes become very handy when you are hunting since hunting is all about the accuracy and the speed at which you shot towards your target.

 Easy to use: 

The fun part of this device is that all of its modes are easy to access. Hunters or golfers don’t have to face complications while using the user interface (UI) on this device.

Besides the UI, this device follows the only one-button operation. All you have to do is pick your target, a point at your target, press the button to get the distance and you will get you to know about the actual output. This one-button operation becomes really handy for the new hunters who are just starting off with their hobbies.

 Automatic sensor: 

TecTecTec will also give you an automatic sensor, which is already installed in this device for you. This sensor will detect if this device is not currently in use. If this is the case, then this product will automatically shut down for you after a minute.

This great sensor will save you a lot of battery and will make sure that your battery’s lifespan is longer and stronger.

Water resistance. 
Angle compensation
Continuous scan
Easy to use.
The text becomes hard to read in low light.
Not rain resistance.


TecTecTec ProWild S is an best hunting rangefinder to buy if you are looking for reliability, a product with great functionalities. You can use this device for golfing as well as for bow hunting.

Because of its scanning modes, automatic sensor, angle compensation, this device is worth to at least try. You will not regret your choice in the end.

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2) Halo XL600-8 – Hunting Scope Rangefinder

halo rangefinder

Halo XL600-8 Hunting Scope Rangefinder is another great and reasonable product to use in your hunting routine. This device comes with the magnification of 6 X while covering 600 yards when it comes to the range.

This is more than what a standard product has to offer to its hunters. The body of this device is specifically for sloppy and slimy hands. This device gives you a better grip to hold even while running.



Halo XL600-8 Hunting Scope Rangefinder offers a warranty of 1 complete year. Within this one year, the customers have a chance to replace this device, ask for a refund, or get it repaired without any cost.

Halo’s customer service is available for 24 hours. Customers can call on the customer service and get help regarding any technical issues.

 Unit conversation: 

With the Halo XL600-8 Hunting Scope Rangefinder, hunters can easily turn back and fore between two major units when it comes to the readings and distance. These units are yards and meters. The default unit of this device is in yards, which can be easily changed in this device.

 Eye piece: 

If you think your eyes are bigger enough to fit into the lens of the rangefinders or if you think your eyes are really small then it should be not a problem anymore with Halo XL600-8 Hunting Scope Rangefinder.

This device has an adjustable eyepiece for you to customize your hunting experience according you’re your preferences.

 Scan mode: 

Halo XL600-8 Hunting Scope Rangefinder has only one scanning mode, but this scanning mode is heavier on other modes available in the market. You have an option to select not only one, but more than one target at a time.

Let’s say you target two different birds sitting at different angles within different yards. With other devices, you will have to select one bird first, try to hunt it down before moving on to the next bird. The chances are by the time you reach towards the second bird, the first one flew away.

But with this device, you can have multiple selections, meaning that you can save time and hunt your birds at a time without any worries. Even if you miss one of them, the other one will still have chances to get shot.

 Angle Intelligence: 

This feature allows you to have estimations from the corners of the lens as well. You can now calculate the horizontal distance from you towards your selected target(s).

 Water resistance: 

Halo XL600-8 Hunting Scope Rangefinder is tended to be semi-waterproof. You can make this product last under minor water, but this will not be able to survive under heavy rain or foggy nights.

Eye piece.
Scan function
Angle intelligence.
No illuminated reticle.


If you are looking forward to a complete rangefinder for your hunting experience then Halo XL600-8 Hunting Scope Rangefinder will finish your search. It is with all the required functionalities.

You get an adjustable eyepiece, unit conversation, ability to view from the corner of the lens, and so much more.

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3) LaserWorks – Long Distance Hunting Rangefinder

laserwork rangefinder

You don’t have to buy a separate device for each of your hobbies anymore. LaserWorks Hunting Rangefinder is not only for hunting, but can also be used for playing golf. It has a no sloppy grip of the body, which is made out of rubber.

This rubber body will last you for a long time as compared to the plastic bodies of the devices that break really easily.

It has a magnification of 6 X. Along with this magnification; this product uses multiple coated lenses that allow you to clearly view your target.

Using this device, you can even track any object that might be moving behind the bushes, or the trees.



LaserWorks is one of the products with the most coverage of the yards. This device covers 1200 yards of range, which is amazing for great hunting or golfing day since you will not return home disappointed or empty-handed.

Because of its vast coverage of yards, it provides great accuracy to the hunters and the golfers. You will get the exact distance or reading with these yards of coverage.


LaserWorks Hunting Rangefinder offers 12 months or one year of warranty for its customers. You can use this device without stressing over that this device might not work according to your demands.

 Horizontal Distance: 

This feature allows you to estimate the distance from you towards any object or target horizontally. This specific functionality is called Angle Intelligence, which will detect the angles and will give you even more of a precious reading.

 Continuous Scan: 

With the help of this feature, hunters or golfers can have a continuous motion in a cycle. They can use this device in order to keep on getting the readings for the selected target. Then, they can pick the best-considered readings out of all to hit the shot.

 Fog Mode: 

Many devices miss this feature even though it is vital in any hunting or golfing experience. With most devices, you get the functionality of water resistance only. However, with this specific device, you not only get a fog tolerance, but you will also get a proper fog mode.

It has a fog mode button, which can be enabled or disabled depending upon the condition of the weather. If you will press and hold the M button on this device for a couple of seconds, then fog mode will be enabled.

Never worry about a minor mist, heavy rain, or even a foggy night anymore with the one and only LaserWorks Hunting Rangefinder.

 Pin seeker technology: 

As mentioned above, this device can be used for golf as well as for hunting. For golfing, this device offers pin seeker technology. Pin seeker technology provides accuracy when it comes to the readings of the target.

But this accuracy still creates doubts in the golfer’s mind that rather he/she hit the flag or not. With these doubts, golfers can feel a lack of surety. Pin seeker functionality is something that will help players get rid of this lack of surety. It will notify the players when there hit a shot successfully.

 Slope function: 

For golf lovers, this feature is quite enjoyable. Usually when a golf player is playing on an uphill or downhill, it gets difficult for the player since of the blockage of view. However, with LaserWorks Hunting Rangefinder, you can become a professional player in no time whatsoever.

In this device, slope mode can be on or off really easily. All you have to do is long-press a specific button and you are good to go. Slope function is illegal to use in a tournament so make sure this function is off before you go to play a legal match.

Fog mode. 
Pin seeker technology.
Slope function
Easy to use.
Not a great battery lifeline.


LaserWorks is a great and a must-have the type of product because of its fog resistance capability and the ability to turn this mode on or off anytime.

It covers 1200 yards of range, which means you will never miss your target again.

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4) Wosports – Hunting Rangefinder


Wosports Hunting Rangefinder is another rangefinder that is exclusive and admirable. This specific product is not only admirable for hunting, but it is also suitable for golfing, and bowhunting. You can get to have a multi-use for this product.

It covers the range of up to 700 yards with a magnification of 6 X. Wosports will provide you with the most exact distance. This product comes with the 2 years of warranty, with lifetime ability when it comes to customer service.


 Automatic sensor: 

Wosports Hunting Rangefinder is smart enough to detect whether you are using this device or not. In the case of not using, this device has the ability to get turn off automatically. This device gets turned off after 30 seconds.

An automatic sensor is great for the battery of the product, since it saves unnecessary usage of battery, making it last for longer.

 Units convert ability: 

The unit doesn’t only allow you to view your outcome in one unit. In fact, you have the option to convert the units back and forehead between two different units. These units are meters and yards.

The default unit of this device is in yards. You can easily change the unit of this device by long pressing the M button.

 Speed Scan: 

Are you planning to hunt a deer? But usually, deer run so far, you might be afraid to miss your shot. Don’t be scared. We have a device for you that will help you determine the speed of the animal or the bird.

You can now calculate the walking or running speed of any animal or bird. The speed gets displayed on your LCD screen with all the relevant information that might be required for a successful hunt.

 Scan Mode: 

You will never miss your shot using this amazing feature. This feature is a continuous scanning mode feature. With the help of this feature, you will be able to get different readings displayed on your screen.
Just long-press the power button on the top of this device. Long pressing this specific button will enable the continuous mode for you.

 Fog and Water Resistance: 

Hunting doesn’t stop because of the cold winter nights or foggy mornings. In fact, it is more fun to hunt under these weather conditions. Keep this in mind, Wosports created a rangefinder that is fog resistant.

Now, even in the foggy weather, you are clearly able to view targeted hunted and take a meal home.

Usually devices for hunting are water resistance, but Wosports Hunting Rangefinder is also waterproof. It has a strong body made of rubber, which makes it waterproof. Rain will not conflict with your hunt anymore.

 Flag locking functionality: 

As mentioned above, Wosports Hunting Rangefinder is not only for hunting but it is for golfing as well as for bow hunting. For golfing, one of the major requirements of the golf players is to know when they lock into the flag.

This device provides this functionality to the players. This feature can easily be turned off if not needed.

Automatic sensor. 
Units convert ability.
Speed scan.
Flag locking functionality.
Rain might affect the readings of this device.
It can get burly at times


Wosports is best rangefinder for hundting when we compare its price with its functionalities. It is a dual type of product for golfing, and hunting. It has only two operational buttons, which makes it convenient for everyone to use.

This product is fully waterproof fog-proof but the lenses of this device will get affected soon. I wouldn’t take it out under heavy rain or foggy night. Besides that, it is a great product to use in your hunting or golfing routine.

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5) AOFAR HX-700N – Top Rangefinder

top hunting rangefinder

AOFAR is known for its HX-700N Hunting Rangefinder. It gives 6 X magnification and covers 700 yards of range. 700 yards of coverage is more than ideal coverage when it comes to hunting so, you are getting more than expectations. This product is not only ideal for hunting, but it is also a good product for bow hunting.



This device will get turned off automatically within 8 seconds of non-usage. This is way more than other devices in the market that offers an automatic sensor on the battery. Also, this device comes with an additional battery.

With this automatic sensor and an additional battery, you will not have to worry about replacing this battery for a long time.

 Fog proof and waterproof: 

AOFAR HX-700N Hunting Rangefinder promised to work the same under fog or heavy rain. The fog or the rain will not affect the lenses of this device, which makes it super strong under various weather conditions.

 Different scanning modes:  

AOFAR HX-700N Hunting Rangefinder has 3 different scanning modes. The first scanning mode is the range scan. With the help of this mode, hunters are able to get an accurate distance from the selected target.

The second scanning mode is speed mode. Using the speed mode, hunters can determine the pace and speed of the selected animal or the bird.

The third scanning mode is the continuous scanning mode, which will get your readings after readings so you don’t get a wrong shot. With this scanning mode, you can easily identify the selected target.

 Easy operational buttons: 

AOFAR HX-700N Hunting Rangefinder is so easy to use to the point that it only has two operational buttons displayed on this device. One button is the power button whereas; the other button is the mode button. You can use the mode button in order to view the menu in this device.

Auto off. 
 Fog proof and waterproof.
Different scanning modes.
Easy operational buttons.
Only for hunting.


AOFAR HX-700N doesn’t have so much functionality, but it does the job pretty fine for hunting and for bow hunting.

You can try this device without a second doubt since this device comes with two years of warranty. You can replace or refund if it is not useless according to you.

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Buyer’s guidelines for Hunting Rangefinder

Sometimes hunters can get confused based on what can or can’t work for them. You might invest in something that is not worth it or they might be just scared to invest in general. To resolve these problems, we have created a shortlist for our hunters.

This list will prepare you properly when you are about to make a purchase on the hunting rangefinders. Following are our version of the buyer’s guidelines for hunting rangefinders:


Many people look for or invest in a rangefinder that covers a good amount of distance. We need to make sure that this point is clear enough to be out of the way! Distance matters while hunting, but it should not be a priority.

For hunting, we need up to 500 to 600 yards of distance only. Usually, companies design a huge amount of yard coverage at an extreme price. Buying these devices that cover up to 2000 yards of coverage is not going to be any use for you.

Your work will be done with the basic coverage of distance as well. So, make sure your focus is on the other functionalities of the hunting rangefinders besides distance.


One of the key features that you should focus on before buying hunting rangefinders is its long-lasting capability. Rangefinders or rangefinders, in general, are expensive so, we want to make sure that these last you for a long time without destroying your pocket.

The longevity of a great product really depends on its battery. Look for a rangefinder that offers better battery timing with the automatic sensor to be shut off.

There are many products in the market that automatically shuts down if they currently are not in use. You only have to leave your device alone for less than a minute and it will be automatically turned off for you.

Long-lasting capability doesn’t stop at the battery of the rangefinders. Look for a rangefinder with a reliable and robust body that is strong enough to hander physical damages such as falling from shaky hands.

Optic Lens:

Almost all of the units will work great under normal sunlight. But what if there is a bright sunny day or a cloudy day outside? Your hunting rangefinder needs to have an automatic brightness adjustment to it so it can adjust automatically just like how your smartphone adjusts.

The best hunting rangefinders don’t only work under sunlight but they also work great under the moonlight. Look for a rangefinder that has an illuminated reticle. This illuminated reticle will make your life way easier by allowing you to view at night time.

However, too much of these illuminated reticles can permanently damage human eyes since these reticles are so bright to the point that humans can’t see through them. So, make sure to look for a balanced reticle in your rangefinder.


What should I look for in a hunting rangefinder?
There are a lot of features to look forward to when thinking of a hunting rangefinder. Your hunting rangefinder should not only be accurate, but it supposes to have other features as such a great range coverage, a better crosshair, a good magnification, very compact, budget-friendly, a great battery life, etc.
Are rangefinders worth it for hunting?
Yes, they are specifically for the hunters to enhance their skills of hunting. Having said that, it is not vital to use a hunting rangefinder during your hunt, but it will make your life extremely easy.
What is the best rangefinder for hunting?
The top hunting rangefinder that allows you to have a long-range is LaserWorks Hunting Rangefinder. This specific rangefinder covers 1200 yards of range for you. This works amazingly when looking at a long-range for hunting.


Having the best hunting rangefinder can be your next closest friend if chosen wisely. There is a vast variety of these hunting rangefinders in the market so make sure you have enough knowledge regarding them before spending your money on them.

We have shared our top 5 products of rangefinders for hunting for your easiness. If you are looking for a rangefinder that can cover your long hunt then LaserWorks is the one for you. This device covers up to 1200 yards of range. However, you don’t need this much yard coverage. This specific device is also fog-resistant so even the weather can’t become an obstacle for you.

The rest of both devices: TecTecTec ProWild S Laser Rangefinder for Hunting and Halo XL600-8 Hunting Scope Rangefinder has an overall great functionalities. You can convert the units back and fore between the devices.

Halo XL600-8 Hunting Scope Rangefinder allows you to select more than one target at a time. TecTecTec ProWild S Laser Rangefinder for Hunting has an automatic sensor. This will save your battery lifespan. However, both of these products don’t have an illuminated reticle, which makes it harder for the hunters to view the target at night time.