How To Use Rangefinder & How It works [Golf & Hunting]

Are you thinking about how to use rangefinder? There might be several questions popping in your mind. The most confusing being, how does a rangefinder work?

It is always a good idea to get complete knowledge about something before actually getting into it.  Doing so will make you capable of using it more adeptly. This article is your 101 guide.

In case you might be asking yourself, there are various types of rangefinders, we cover all of them.

How To Use Rangefinder


Usage of Golf Rangefinder

If you have a newly developed passion for golf and you want to pursue it professionally, then a golf rangefinder is all you need. It will enhance your target accuracy. Newbies use it for practicing the target. As well as by pro players to make their swing perfect every time.  A golf rangefinder is a device that measures the estimated distance between the player and the target .

It can only help you if you are aware of how to use golf rangefinder properly. There are some necessary steps that you must learn to achieve your desired goal of becoming a pro golf player:

  • Point a device towards a target
  • Using a golf rangefinder on a slope
  • How to maintain steadiness when holding a device

The two most commonly used are either the Laser Rangefinder or GPS Rangefinder. The question might occur to you that, how to use golf rangefinder?


Laser golf rangefinders release a laser light which strikes at the golf pin and then back at the player. It then displays the calculated time and distance required to reach the target on the screen. This information is very crucial to the player ate the time when they are aiming towards their drive.


Following are some of the basics that will allow you to use laser golf rangefinders adequately:

  • First, and foremost turn on the device
  • Now that working, you need to adjust the sight and modes
  • Most of the golf rangefinders equip with multiple features
  • Adjust the area to slope or flat
  • Now that your set up is completed lift the range finder and see through it towards your aim
  • If the view is clear, press the button and readings will appear on your display screen
Learning to aim a golf rangefinder can be a little tricky at the beginning. Once you start practicing it won’t be difficult anymore. You may face an error in your readings if the laser beam does not strike on the viable target.


GPS rangefinders equip with a feature of seeking the pin. Through this particular feature, the player can calculate the distance to the target as well as other hurdles present on the course. The GPS rangefinder is a little complex to use, but if you set your hand on, it is very effective. GPS rangefinder requires to set up before entering the golf field.


GPS Golf rangefinders have some features that need learning beforehand. A player must follow these steps to achieve the best results:

  • A player is supposed to launch the golf course on the rangefinder. A lot of golf course manufacturers have put up their maps over the internet, which makes it easy for the player.
  • After doing so, a player can see all the flags placed on the golf course on this device.
  • Then receives GPS information through satellite. The satellite helps in determining the exact location of the pin.
  • Lastly, you will need to select the pinholes to achieve the distance and the surface area. It also determines whether the area is flat or sloppy.
Some of these show fix distance to the pin, and others may show negotiated distance. A player can either choose the auto-hole selection or select the next hole manually as well.


  • Provides accurate distance up to 4 yards
  • Equipped with three modes, i.e. normal, scan and pin modes
  • Fast and easy to score points
  • Some of them have adjustable eye spacing
  • Made with the latest technology, i.e. water-resistance as well as dustproof
Device help in scoring golf points precisely. Intensifying the precision and measuring the accurate distance between the player and the golf pin. But it’s not enough just to buy a rangefinder; A player must have a certain amount of know-how as to how does a golf rangefinder work. What is the good news here? These golf range finders are legal to use during tournaments.


Usage of Golf Rangefinder

There are rangefinders designed for hunting as well. Now we are getting into the details of how does a hunting rangefinder works as well as how to use hunting rangefinder.

There are various types of hunting rangefinders such as bow, rifle, muzzle, etc. but the accuracy of your rangefinder depends on how well you are aware of its pros, cons, and functions.

Whether you are an expert hunter or a beginner at it, it is significant to take advantage of a rangefinder. To do so, you must have proper knowledge about how to use a hunting rangefinder.

A hunting rangefinder’s job is to focus on distant objects blurring out the nearby diversions such as bushes and plateaus. Not just that, it keeps you away from the sight of your prey as well.

A hunter’s target can be as close as 70 yards or as far as 1000 yards. You see, these devices design to cover further distance providing clear cut sight of the target. The good news is, these devices made to bear all weather conditions. So, next time when it rains, don’t cancel your hunting trip. Some of these are waterproof and can make the target visible at 5 feet very easily even underwater.


Following are some best tricks and techniques that will allow you to use your hunting rangefinders more effectively during a hunt:

  • Get habitual of your newly bought device, learn to operate it, and what drawbacks it can have.
  • Set up your device according to the surface, I.e. hilly, mountainous or flat
  • While you are at your hunt, look for a landmark such as a solid rock or a tree, instead of waiting for a target.
  • Practice some shots in advance towards your target.
  • To achieve the precise distance, you need to press the power button repeatedly.
  • Adjust the weather setting on your device; options maybe drizzle, fog or sand storm.
 The most important thing is going through the user manual of your hunting rangefinder. All the features and specs would be mention there. So don’t skip this step. 

When buying a new device, you can opt for the camouflage coated ones to avoid being seen by your prey.


  • It provides magnification up to 10x
  • Scan the area for other obstacles such as trees and bushes
  • A lot of these are water resistance a provides visibility underwater as well
  • LCD for providing readings
  • Portable and handy
  • Provides target accuracy for beginners


Usage of camera rangefinder

There are cameras equipped with rangefinders as well. It may occur to you that how does a camera rangefinder works? Let’s discuss in detail how it works.

In the 1950s, rangefinders were very popular and a trend amongst the photographers.

While using a rangefinder camera, the photographer is supposed to look through the viewfinder to maintain the focus just as we do while using a Polaroid camera. In a rangefinder camera, there’s a lens arrangement besides the optical lens, which allows perfect focus every time.


The basic function of a rangefinder camera is to give an estimated distance of the object. It will help the photographer in maintaining a defined focus. These cameras are best suitable for street photography as the zone focusing allows to focus on the desired object within a single shot providing sharp images.

Best of all, a rangefinder camera works wonders in the dark; low lighting does not seem to affect the image quality. It does not require autofocus lighting. Not just that, these cameras are lightweight and smaller in size as compared to SLRs. Hence they are very handy, and you can carry them easily on your hiking trips.

Back in the days, rangefinders and viewfinders were two different cameras. If Talking about the current era, these cameras are combined, so you don’t have to spend on multiple cameras. These rangefinder cameras are quieter as compared to SLRs. Does not take mirrored images and no vibrations while clicking as well.


Learning to use a rangefinder camera requires very minimal basic steps. Below, they are details promptly:

  • A typical rangefinder camera works by separating beams
  • When holding a rangefinder camera make sure you are not blocking the distance window which is present on the right side of the camera
  • Don’t forget to remove the lens cap
  • Start by smaller apertures, doing so will give you better confidence when you are focusing and taking pictures
  • Place the subject away from the frame. Reason for that is the viewfinder of a rangefinder camera is on the left, and the lens is in the middle hence you need to place your frame carefully while using a rangefinder camera
  • Most of these have an autofocus function equipped in them already
  • But if you wish to take a detailed focus image, you need to adjust your focus by using the zone focusing feature
  • You need to turn on the camera with the power button
  • After that, just point it at your desired location and click a picture
  • Voila! You have your perfect picture in just one shot

What does this mean? You just need a few trial and error shots to get your hands used to use a rangefinder camera. Go on a photo walk with your friends and click random pictures. Doing so will give you the confidence and practice you require to master the technique of how to use a rangefinder camera.

Currently, the best rangefinder camera is Fujifilm X Pro 3. It has all the qualities you would want in your rangefinder camera. It is often known as the King of rangefinder cameras as well.


  • It has auto exposure hence it provides pictures with zero blackout
  • Easy to focus even in low light
  • Small, handy and lightweight
  • Equipped with a special lens which gives a vintage era feels to pictures
  • You can add different lenses to increase the focus
  • The built-in lens is a wide-angle
  • Faster autofocusing compared to SLRs.

With all the advancements, a rangefinder camera is still one of the most used in the photography industry due to its accurate autofocusing features.

The Rangefinder cameras are mostly used by street photographers or photojournalists because the images taken with these cameras are sharper as compared to SLRs.


In my opinion, these devices are an easy and innovative way of minimalizing human efforts. At the same time, it increases the accuracy of your aims and lets you hit the target. Whenever you buy a rangefinder, go through its manual as well. It will be beneficial and provide you with the precise knowledge of your particular rangefinder.

Practice before the actual day you wish to use your rangefinder so that you are familiar with your device and its mechanism. The manufacturers should keep evolving these rangefinders.